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Alleppey is a coastal village with backwaters and lagoons was called Alleppey by the English, was once the capital of trade and business in Kerala. We, Alleppey boat house, never try to decorate ourselves as the leading tour operators in Alleppey. We only like to post ourselves, what you call Amateurs, however, we ensure unforgettable holidays worthy to those who simply ramble and enjoy the beauty of this incredible green planet. Thus we call ourselves 'Devotees of beauty'.

We offer wide range of cruise opportunity across the backwaters, lagoons and canals. Boat houses, Punting boathouses ,wide range of country boats including duck growers' wherries, speed boats , water scooter…………

We are pioneers in boathouse engineering and we offer: Study classes for boat house engineering , buying and selling of boat house and country boats, fishing practice, swimming practices , coir manufacturing classes , in short everything related to backwaters and lagoons in Alleppey.

We realize that you are not our costumer but our host, hence we serve you comfortable homes stays , resorts on lake side, river side and own beach. And delicious , nutrious vegitable and non-veg dishes with marine and fresh water fishes, prawns , shells………

So it is truly delightful to be with us whenever you are in Alleppey! Welcome always! Even at midnight! .

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Alleppey ( Alleppey) is a district in the state of kerala , God's own country, is often addressed figuratively as 'Venice of the East ' Read More

Backwater Cruise

Backwater Cruise
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